4 Must-Read Sales Training Articles for the Week of June 26, 2013

4 Must-Read Sales Training Articles for the Week of June 26, 2013-motivational sales speaker

Learn how to get more sales with your existing customers, sell at higher prices by creating more value, adapt to changing buying patterns and achieve at a much higher level with this weeks top sales training articles.

Driving Conversions Throughout the Customer Lifecycle by Stephen Frapart, blog.marketo.com

Sales Training Article Description: Conversions are part of everyday life. Forty-five percent of Stephen Curry’s 3-pointers are drained. Barack Obama won 62 percent of the electoral vote in last year’s election. Is your business thinking about its conversions?

My Comment: I’ve always felt that sales is about arithmetic. If the numbers work, then you can achieve your goal. Looking at your conversion ratios is a huge part of making that math work. Frapart brilliantly lays out some key conversion ratios to look at.

4 Reasons Low-Price Customers Are Destroying Your Business by Mark Hunter, thesaleshunter.com

Sales Training Article Description: Quit kidding yourself! You’re not making any money off the low-price customer, regardless of what you think. Let me give you 4 reasons.

My Comment: Hunter shows in very simple terms why discounting your product or service in order to make the sale is the wrong move. I love any message that encourages sales people to raise prices, but we rarely focus on the perils of dropping our prices to score the short-term deal.

Buying patterns have changed and sales need to change, too by Peter Finkelstein, BRW

Sales Training Article Description: Factors such as bad experiences with retailers, poor responses from intermediaries, mediocre service levels, and an increased number of competitors with products that are just as good and brand names that are just as well respected, are only some of the causes. In all of this, it is surprising to find that many organizations have ignored the fact that buying patterns have changed.

My Comment: I love the way this article breaks down the key challenges that most companies are facing in this ever-changing market. What is most surprising is how few are changing strategy to adjust for the changes. This article shares three strategies to excel in this new market.

The Power of Leverage: The Principle of Maximum Achievement by Tony Robbins, tonyrobbins.com

Sales Training Article Description: What things are you doing right now that really aren’t that important? Or, even if they are important, perhaps someone else could do them for you. Do what you do best. Get others to do the rest.

My Comment: Besides being a lifetime Tony Robbins fan, I find this article to be perfect for sales people. So often, we get bogged down in stuff that someone else could be doing. The most important activity that a sales person can do is sell, everything else must be minimized.

So, those are the top four sales training articles of this week. What did you think? Please share below.

Compiled by Marc Wayshak, author of the book Game Plan Selling and a sales training expert.

Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."

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