The Holidays are Upon Us! Start Prospecting!


The Holidays are Upon Us! Start Prospecting!

Turkeys are a gobbling and then sleigh bells will be a ringing! Yes, it’s that magical time of year when everyone begins to kick back a bit and focus on family, gifts, food, and holiday tunes.

Most sales people use this time to kick back and simply focus on closing those few remaining deals in the pipeline. Prospecting can start up again next year, right?

No way! In fact, the opposite is true. The holiday season is one of the best times of the year to prospect. Here are three reasons that you should start prospecting more this holiday season:

Competition is Sleeping: Things typically slow down in the holiday season from a sales perspective. Everyone is heading home a little earlier and pushing most sales prospecting back to next year. This creates a massive opportunity for those strategic few, who recognize that their competitors are off the ball. Your competition is pulling back, which means that your prospects are going to be far less bombarded.

Prospects are Less Busy: Unless you sell to an industry that sees a big increase in Q4, like retail, chances are that your prospects are going to have less going on than they would during other times of the year. This is going to be a time when your prospects will have just a little more time to spend with you on the phone and a little less distraction to compete with your message.

Gatekeepers are Home: Most sales people dread that nasty gatekeeper, whose entire mission in life is to keep you out. Sales trainers have been teaching ninja gatekeeper techniques for years with varying success. But, in the holiday season, those gatekeepers will often be the first to go home and spend time out of the office. This means that the person answering the phone may just be your prospect!

So, what are you waiting for? Double down on your efforts to prospect this holiday season. It may not even require that you work more hours, just make those calls to your key prospects.

What do you think is the best time of year to prospect? Please share below in the comments.

Marc Wayshak is author of the book Game Plan Selling and a sales keynote speaker.

Game Plan Selling and a sales trainer in Boston. Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."

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