Marc’s objective is to create undeniably positive outcomes for his clients’ sales teams. In particular, Marc’s clients look to him for increased prospecting activity, larger average sales, more referrals and higher sales revenue. They also want to spend less time drafting proposals and more time selling. The graphs below display Marc’s track record at helping organizations achieve these goals:

1. More prospecting activity. Prospecting output is one of the most common challenges that Marc’s clients face. In order to increase sales at any organization, sales prospecting activity must increase first. Here are four examples of organizations that increased their prospecting activity with Marc’s help:

Prospecting Activity Outreaches per Day per Salesperson

Great sales training can help you increase the number of prospecting outreaches per day.

2. Larger average sales. Many organizations consistently track the number of sales each salesperson closes, yet few track the average size of those sales. By increasing the average sale size, profitability increases dramatically with minimal extra effort. Below, see four examples of companies that were led by Marc to achieve larger average sales:

The Average Sale Size in $1,000s

Top sales training will help you increase your average sale size.

3. More referrals. In today’s market, every salesperson must receive a consistent flow of strong referrals and introductions from their existing networks. This is simply the easiest way to fill a sales pipeline without the backbreaking work of more cold calls. This chart shows four examples of clients whose referral numbers soared as a result of working with Marc:

Strong Referrals Received per Salesperson per Month*

Top sales training can help you increase the number of referrals your salespeople receive.

4. Fewer proposals and quotes, more sales. Many salespeople waste time spinning their wheels with prospects that are never going to do business with them. That’s why one of Marc’s key areas of focus is to help sales teams avoid wasting time on needless proposal drafting and quoting—enabling them to spend more time with well-qualified prospects. Here are four examples of Marc’s clients who saw decreases in quotes or proposals sent to closed sales:

Average # of Proposals/Quotes Submitted to Closed Sales

Decrease the number of proposals submitted to closed sales

5. More sales revenue. One of the most critical indicators of an organization’s success is the amount of its revenue per salesperson. An increase in revenue per salesperson proves that a sales system is truly working for an organization. Marc works diligently to ensure that his clients achieve an increase in sales revenue. Four examples follow:

Average Revenue per Salesperson in $1,000s

Sales training can help you increase the average revenue per salesperson.

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