The Formula for Doubling Your Sales

Double Sales FormulaLearn how to dramatically increase you sales with three small tweaks to your business.

Many organizations and salespeople have the long-term goal of doubling sales. But that’s simply outrageous. Right?

Actually, no. In fact, it’s not outrageous at all. You simply need the right strategy to get there. Or, more accurately, the right formula.

Jill is the owner of a $1M marketing company that unfortunately is not producing much profit at the current level of revenues. She recognizes that in order to achieve her profitability goals, she must double sales. This sounds like a herculean task, but it doesn’t have to be. Just a few key tweaks to her business model will allow Jill to achieve her ambitious sales goal.

There are three basic ways to increase sales in a business like Jill’s: She can increase her conversion ratio of closed sales, her average sale size, or, finally, her prospect pipeline. When most people want to increase sales at their organization, they zero in on just one of these approaches, but the best strategy is to combine all three.

Jill uses the Sales CAP FormulaTM to lay out her strategy for doubling sales over the next two years. The Sales CAP FormulaTM is simply:

2X Sales = 1.26 x CAP


2X Sales = 1.26(Conversion Ration) x 1.26(Average Sales Size) x 1.26(Prospect Pipeline)

Forgive the math. But what this simple formula illustrates is truly extraordinary: In order for Jill to double sales, she simply has to increase each of the three areas by 26%. That’s it. Let’s break this down using Jill’s business figures.

Right now, Jill makes $1M with her business in the following way:

Her closing ratio is 10%. This means that out of every 10 prospects that she meets, she closes one sale. Her average sales size is $100,000. Her pipeline includes 100 prospects over the course of the year.

Or, 10% x $100,000 x 100 = $1,000,000

Not bad, but she wants to double her revenues, so according to the Sales CAP FormulaTM, she must increase each of these three areas by 26%.

Her new closing ratio must now be 12.6%. Her average sale size must increase to $126,000.
Finally, her pipeline must consist of 126 prospects over the course of the year.

Or, 1.26(10%) x 1.26($100,000) x 1.26(100)

Not huge changes. By increasing each of these areas by 26%, her new revenues will be:

12.6% x $126,000 x 126 = $2,000,376

This is a huge change that comes from some small tweaks. By applying this Sales CAP FormulaTM, you too can dramatically increase your sales. The formula is also adjustable, so it can accommodate your personal sales goals. Say, for example, your goal is not to double sales, but rather to increase sales by 50%. You simply adjust the percentage of increase in your Sales CAP FormulaTM to 15% in each area.

Creating a massive change to your sales doesn’t require drastic action, but rather, small and intentional changes in a few key areas that ultimately get you to where you want to be.

Which of these three areas have you neglected the most? Please share below in the comments.

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  1. Ken says

    This formula is flawed. Where is the how? How does Jill increase her closing ratio? How does she increase her average deal size? How does she increase her number of prospects? Without the how, your math has absolutely no meaning…

    • says

      Hi Ken,
      The point of this 500 word article wasn’t to lay how the specifics, but rather to provide a plan to dramatically increasing sales. First and foremost, a company must lay out the math to increasing sales. Then focus on the how. If you want magic solutions, I recommend you go read some of your kids fairy tales.

  2. Paul Nicholson says

    This is great – very concise and understandable. Too often Sales Mgmt just mandates increased Sales Targets and doesn’t try to get their team on board with the new goals. This would be an excellent tool for that. Thanks.

  3. says

    Great article.

    I’ll add another layer– suppose the plan is to double *profit*, which is what Jill really cares about, anyway. Assuming costs scale linearly with revenue, a big “if”, this plan will double profit. Part of scaling up the value per deal does not have to be selling more stuff, it can be better pricing and more disciplined discounting. For many B2B firms, this is low hanging fruit that they can start gathering immediately.

    Let’s suppose Jill’s company makes $100K in profit per year. If she can price 10% more effectively, that alone will double profit. If she can price 5% more effectively, that will raise profit by 50%. When combined with the other techniques, she can not only grow revenues, but also get bottom line growth. Unfortunately, some entrepreneurs who are great at sales and top line growth don’t pay enough attention to the bottom line and they just end up with bigger headaches instead of better profits.

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