Four Tips to Selling Your Ideas

Four Tips to Selling Your IdeasYou have this GREAT idea—but does your excitement fizzle out once you begin wondering how to get your idea out there and create success with it?

Four Tips to Selling Your Ideas
#1. Know whom you’re selling to. Understanding whom you are selling to is well worth it. What’s that prospect’s needs, desires and goals? What does she want to accomplish? Once you have all of that established, it’s much more likely you’ll succeed at selling your idea.

#2. Ask them what they want. Don’t think in terms of, “How can I get them to buy my idea,” but rather, “What do THEY want?” and, “How can I align what I want to accomplish with what they want to accomplish?” Ask questions of your prospects to better understand them.

#3. Present your idea based on what they told you. Once you know what the other party wants, you can now present your ideas in a way that will bounce their ideas back to them.

For example, suppose someone wants to increase the revenues of their organization. You’d then present your ideas based on this desire of theirs. If your idea is to increase web presence, then focus on how an increase in web presence can ultimately increase the other party’s revenues.

#4. Get feedback. Feedback is the key to understanding whether what you’re trying to sell is in alignment with what the other person wants, and by getting feedback I mean literally ask for feedback.

Let’s say you’re presenting five key points in your sales proposal. After each key point, ask a question like, “Does that make sense in your world?” Or, “Does this align with what you want to accomplish?” Another question might be, “Do you see how this would work for you?”

If you get a negative response, you’ll know you need to alter what you’re presenting to fit more with what the listener wants. If they answer positively, you’ll know that you’re on the same page with that person.

Selling your ideas does not have to be difficult. It simply requires knowing whom you are selling to, asking the person what they want, presenting your idea based on what they told you and finally getting feedback.

By following these four tips you are going to sell your ideas much more effectively and with a much higher rate of success. Please share how you sell your ideas below.

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