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Rolling With the Punches: Heavy Hitter John Fish on How Early Challenges Shaped His Career

Marc Wayshak leads sales training in Boston and contributes to the Huffington Post. John Fish is chairman and CEO of Suffolk Construction, a nationally-ranked general building contractor based in Boston that pulls in about $2 billion of annual revenue, making it the largest building company in New England. He recently sat down with me to discuss how early defeats shaped him as a businessman, to offer advice for aspiring and established entrepreneurs, and to disclose his lofty goals for the future of Suffolk. Read the article.

Getting Past Gatekeepers to Reach Decision-Makers

No salesperson wants to be stuck in telephone limbo when prospecting for new business. Rather than trying to get past the gatekeeper, just avoid the gatekeeper altogether. Sound simple? That’s because it is. All you have to do is understand three important factors. Read the article.

5 Steps To Writing Better Sales Proposals

Sales proposals, love ’em or hate ’em, are a crucial part of closing sales. How you craft your proposal has a massive influence on both whether you close the sale and the ultimate size of the sale. Learn how to create world-class sales proposals. Read the article.

Crucial Steps to Building a Champion Sales Team

Entrepreneurial organizations often underperform because they haven’t built their sales teams systematically. Learn these seven steps to turn an ineffectual sales crew into a high-performing championship team. Read the article.

5 Questions All Marketers Need to Ask Themselves

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to Fast Company Magazine and a sales trainer in Boston.In order for your campaign to really cut through the noise, you need to know what the customer wants – not what you want. This article identifies five questions to consider when developing a prospect narrative for your company’s next marketing campaign. Read the article.

Know Thy Customer: 3 Tips for Success From a $285M Company

For entrepreneurs, few issues are as important — or as challenging — as connecting with the right customers. Reaching target consumers is key to gaining traction for any business, but startup companies face a unique hurdle: They must go head-to-head with large, established organizations for customer attention. In this article, find out how one startup transformed from a 5,000 customer company to a company servicing 600,000 customers and $285.4 million in revenue. Read the article.

6 Tips To Startup Success From Shark Tank’s Kevin O’Leary

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to Fast Company Magazine and a sales trainer in Boston.In an interview with Kevin O’Leary–aka Mr. Wonderful on ABC’s hit show Shark Tank, he shared outstanding advice for entrepreneurs looking to follow in his footsteps. Learn six great nuggets of advice from the shark himself in this article. Read the article.

Winning Startup Tips From a Champion

According to Jason Khalipa, winner of the 2008 World CrossFit Games and owner of NorCal Crossfit, we should push the limits of what is possible, whether in sports or business. He shared five startup tips to help you build your business in this article. Read the article.

5 Ways To Make Your Emails Stand Out From A Cluttered Inbox

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to Fast Company Magazine and a sales trainer in Boston.Sending emails is an integral part of selling in today’s world. But at a time when your prospects are receiving hundreds of emails every single day, it is easy for yours to get lost in the crowd. In this article, learn five tips that will help you send emails that lead to closed sales. Read the article.

The New Approach to Get Customers Banging on Your Door

I recently had a conversation with Brian Halligan, HubSpot’s CEO. He shared with me how he came to create Cambridge, Mass.-based company and its relevancy to the current online-marketing landscape. He also offered some advice for marketers trying to stay afloat in the ever-shifting tides of the digital world. Read the article.

7 Must-Know Tips for Managing Your Millennial Sales Team

Organizations used to be able to cook up a successful sales team with a few basic ingredients: a quality product, a compelling compensation plan, a simple training program and effective sales tracking. Not so anymore. Millennials, the youngest generation in today’s workforce, have changed the recipe. This article contains seven essential tips for effectively managing millennial salespeople. Read the article.

Hit All Your Sales Goals in Just 5 Hours a Day

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to the Blog and a sales trainer out of Boston. The “Five Hour Sales Day” is a beautifully simple system, which ensures a sales team is performing productive, sales-related activities for the majority of their day. Research by Pace Productivity shows that the average salesperson only performs 2 hours (23% of their time) of sales-related activities per day, such as sales meetings, prospecting, sales follow-up, etc. Find out more in this article! Read the article.

5 Things You Should Not Do When Hiring for Your Organization

Tom is the president of a $90 million software company with almost 40 salespeople. The company makes a great product but has consistently struggled with hiring errors and turnover throughout the years. If you’re like most business owners and managers at small or midsized companies, then you may have also encountered some of these issues. Read about Tom’s five biggest hiring mistakes in this article. Read the article.

5 Ways to Stop Your Sales-Pitch Email From Getting Trashed

Most emails written by sales people are completely ineffective. However, after spending several years testing various technique with other experts and clients, I have developed five strategies for crafting emails that are sure to grab a prospect’s attention. Read the article.

5 Steps to Writing Better Sales Proposals

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to the Blog and a sales trainer out of Boston. Sales proposals can make all the difference between losing a sale and closing one. When done properly, a proposal will not only help close the sale, but it will also make that sale larger than it otherwise would have been. In this article, learn five tips to writing proposals that will do just that. Read the article.

3 Tricks to Building Value When You Sell

There are two things businesses can focus on when selling: features and outcomes. Before you can start selling outcomes, you need to understand how to identify which result to sell in any scenario. Read this article to learn three tips to get you started. Read the article.

9 Ways to Beat the Competition By Selling Less

Prospective customers have a highly predictable reaction when they identify salespeople using old-school sales tactics: Their defensive walls go up and they become skeptical and distant. What actually puts the prospect into defensive mode isn’t the salesperson himself, it’s the sight of old-school sales tactics. This article illustrates how to effectively stand out from the sales competition in order to break through your prospect’s defenses. Read the article.

The Secret to Closing More Sales: Talk Less

My research shows that the average salesperson talks over 81 percent of the time in a selling situation. Not only is that approach ineffective, it’s losing you sales. You can close more sales, simply by talking less and this article identifies seven ways to do it. Read the article.

TripAdvisor CEO’s 5 Tips to Startup Success

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to Fast Company Magazine and a sales trainer in Boston.The CEO of TripAdvisor, Steve Kaufer, didn’t always have a successful business. He took TripAdvisor from $0 to $900 million in the span of only a few years. Learn the five most important tips to startup success from a rockstar in the technology space. Read the article.

5 Ways to Stop Your Sales-Pitch Email From Getting Trashed

Marc Wayshak is a sales trainer in boston and a contributor to Entrepreneur Magazine. Getting a prospect to read an email from a salesperson can be tricky. Here are a few tips on getting people to open your email, pay attention to the message and act. Read the article.

Never Drop Your Prices Again! How to Stop Selling on Price

Marc Wayshak leads sales training in Boston and contributes to the Huffington Post. I was recently at Lord & Taylor with a close friend of mine when she held up two pairs of high-heeled shoes. Both pairs were black, appeared similar and looked pretty to me. “What do you think each pair of shoes costs?” she asked. Read the article.

3 Unexpected Pricing Lessons from CrossFit

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to Fast Company Magazine and a sales trainer in Boston. Regardless of your athletic ability or interest in fitness, there are several lessons from Crossfit’s business model. Crossfit gyms typically charge two to fives times more than typical gyms. In Boston, for example, a typical gym membership costs about $85 while Crossfit gym memberships range from $200 to $300. You might think that this high pricing strategy would inhibit Crossfit gyms, making it difficult for them to attract new customers and grow, but the opposite is true. Read the article.

What You Could Learn From Budweiser’s Heart-Melting Ad

Marc Wayshak's sales training articles have appeared in Reuters. Budweiser has done it again. Following up on its 2013 mega-hit Super Bowl ad about the bond between horse and owner, the media-savvy beer company delivered one of this year’s most memorable Super Bowl commercials. This time, the ad was a tear-jerking montage of an adorable friendship between a Golden Retriever puppy and a Clydesdale. Talk about a marketing touchdown. Read the article.

6 Tricks for Creating the Perfect Sales Proposal

Marc Wayshak is a contributor to the Blog and a sales trainer out of Boston. Learn six simple steps for dramatically improving the closing ratio of your proposals while increasing your average sale size. What would it mean to you if you could increase the closing ratio of your proposals by just 20%? So many salespeople spend so much time in the initial stages of a sale, only to rely on the same weak proposal template in order to try to close the deal. However, simply crafting your proposals in a more intelligent way can eliminate this problem and increase your closing ratio significantly. Read the article.

Why the Holidays Are a Great Time to Prospect

Marc Wayshak, sales trainer in Boston, contributes to the Selling Power Blog. “Jingle bells! Jingle bells! Jingle all the way! Oh what fun, it is to ride…” Just the thought of that song makes most of us want to run away from work and go play. The holiday season is the time of year when most salespeople tell themselves that nobody is answering the phone, making deals, or buying. Most salespeople give up on prospecting during the holidays… Read the article.

8 Tips to Beat Your Competition in Sales

Marc Wayshak is a sales trainer in Boston, MA and contributes to the Hoovers Blog. Your competitors are out there right now trying to sell your customers and prospects. That’s the bad news. The good news is that, with the right selling strategy, it is easy to stand out from the competition. Here are eight tips to effectively stand out from and then beat the sales competition… Read the article.

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