In today’s technology-driven world, information is cheap. The internet has changed everything for prospects. No longer do they need the big sales pitch telling them all of the features and benefits of a product.

There was a time when it was a sales person’s job to provide information, but that is simply no longer the case. A sales person’s job now requires that he use his expertise to help a prospect identify if they are the right fit for a particular product or service. Game Plan Selling: The Definitive Rulebook for Closing the Sale in the Age of the Well-Informed Prospect provides you with exactly how to do just that.

Since he began helping companies deal with their sales challenges, Marc found himself constantly drawing from his experiences as an All-American and Harvard Rugby Team Captain. Making sales is very similar to being effective in sports. Both require an unpredictable strategy, a repeatable process to build on as we develop our skills and a clear plan to execute with commitment and passion.

In this highly practical book, you will learn:

  • How to separate yourself from the competition
  • A simple system to close larger sales with greater frequency
  • A selling plan that will remove any doubt that you will achieve your sales and personal goals
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About the Author:

Author of two books on sales and motivation and the creator of the Game Plan Selling System, Marc Wayshak has combined his experience, research and years of training organizations with his deep understanding of sports achievement, as an All-American athlete, to create a revolutionary system for sales people, entrepreneurs and companies. He holds a Master’s degree from the University of Oxford and a BA from Harvard University.

What Other Experts are Saying:

“Marc has written a powerful, practical book that can transform your sales results and give you a real edge in today’s market.”
Brian Tracy – Bestselling Author of The Psychology of Selling

“When I read a sales book, I look for a couple of nuggets that will give me a competitive edge. I found a bucket of gold in Game Plan Selling.”
Bill Cates – Author of Get More Referrals Now

“If you have ever played sports and need to master selling, then you will love this book. Game Plan Selling shows us how to be a champion in the sport of sales.”
Jim Tunney – Former NFL Referee, “The Dean of NFL Refs”

“In the old days, salespeople were in power because they had infor-mation buyers needed. Today, buyers are in charge because everything they need to research products, services, and companies is freely available on the web. New selling models are required. Are you playing by the new rules? Marc Wayshak shows you how.”
David Meerman Scott – Bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“These strategies work. Selling has never been a gentle sport, but these times require a flawless system. Wayshak provides us with just that; Loved it, so today!”
Robert Goodwin – Former CEO of Insta-Care Pharmacy Services

“Most entrepreneurs don’t succeed because they don’t know how to effectively sell, this book lays out a sales system that is easy to follow, that will help you close more deals ethically without ever seeming salesy and that will help you build deeper relationships. If you need a new approach that will work, read this book.”
Arel Moodie – Bestselling Author & Inc. Magazine 30 Under 30 Honoree

“If you are looking to close more sales then this book is a must-read. Marc Wayshak provides a great new perspective on and a lot of usable solutions to one of the oldest challenges in selling–closing the deal.”
Suzanne Bates – Bestselling Author of Speak Like a CEO

“Marc Wayshak has worked with my team for years and his systematic and disciplined approach has been a critical component to our success. If you want to increase your sales, don’t just read this book, apply everything that’s in it.”
Paul Marsan – President of Carpenter & Costin Landscape Management

“Game Plan Selling shows us, in a very fun-to-read style, exactly how to close the sale in a time when the rules of selling have changed.”
John Chapin – Author of the Gold-Medal Winning SALES ENCYCLOPEDIA

“If you want to learn how to close business deals in today’s market, this comprehensive sales guide will put you ahead of the curve.”
Dan Schawbel – Founder of Millennial Branding & Author of Me 2.0

“As a competitor and business owner, I know that the more systematic I become – the better my results tend to be. That’s the first of a dozen reasons why I’d recommend Game Plan Selling. From the broader understandings of trends in the sales world, to plug-and-play tips for making calls and building relationships, this book will do good for any serious salesperson.”
Daniel Faggella – National Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Champion and Owner at Black Diamond Mixed Martial Arts

Buy the bestselling Game Plan Selling on Amazon.