The #1 Best Way to Close Larger Sales More Frequently

Most salespeople have been taught to sell features and benefits and to spend most of their time talking about how great their product or service is. The problem with this approach is that your customers are not buying features and benefits. They’re buying outcomes.

Here’s a perfect example: Imagine hiring a personal trainer. You purchased a training package so that someone could bark orders at you so you can get that six-pack: the outcome. However, what you really bought is that six-pack, or whatever goals you want from exercise. You need a personal trainer to help you achieve those desired results.

Well, your customers are buying goals and results from you: outcomes, not features or benefits. Your prospects and customers are so used to being sold features that you need to change your approach in a dramatic way and focus on selling outcomes to significantly increase your sales.

3 Ways to Sell Outcomes

#1. Learn objectives. Understand what your customers are really looking to accomplish. Ask your customers what the most important things are for them to achieve their goals.

To distinguish yourself from all the other salespeople out there, ask your customers questions about their objectives. By doing this you will also learn precisely what your customers are looking for, enabling you to create a presentation that perfectly suits their needs.

#2. Understand the delta. Right now, your customers want to accomplish particular goals; this means that currently they are not achieving their goals. You must know the difference between where your customers are today and where they’d like to be in the near-future. Help your customers understand by asking questions.

The delta is where your customers are at now, versus where they want to be: that could be a whopping difference.

#3. Get commitment. A serious commitment is necessary before investing time and effort into a big presentation or giant proposal to close the sale. That stoneground commitment needs to center around the prospect’s objectives.

For example, say you’re asking a customer about increasing revenues by 10%. Ask, “What will achieving 10% mean to your business?” The response will give you much insight into his or her level of commitment. You can then ask outright, “Are you committed to achieving this type of growth?”

Once you’ve established a high level of commitment, you will see your closing ratios jump dramatically because you’ll be focused on outcomes and getting the commitment around those outcomes.

Start applying these three approaches immediately. Focusing on selling outcomes rather than features and benefits will make your closing rates soar, which means a significant increase in your business. Which of these tips did you find most useful? Please share below in the comments.

Get 25 tips to crush your sales goal. Written by Marc Wayshak, sales strategist & author of the book, "Game Plan Selling."


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