Little-Known Ways to Discover a Prospect’s Hurt

Little-Known Ways to Discover a Prospect’s Hurt

In order to effectively qualify a prospect, sales people need to understand where a prospect is hurting. Ultimately, finding a solution to that hurt is what will motivate a prospect to buy.

However, in my experience as a motivational sales speaker, I see that most people have no idea how to uncover where a prospect is hurting. Here are three ways to discover a prospect’s hurt:

  1. Stop pitching: So often sales people are spending most of their time with a prospect trying to pitch that prospect on why they should work together. This is still done in the overwhelming majority of selling situations. How to know if you’re pitching? If you are talking more than 20% of the time, then you are pitching. Stop. Ask. Listen.
  2. Start asking questions to understand hurt: Most sales people ask no more than one or two probing questions. This just scratches the surface of a selling situation. Go deeper. Ask questions, like a doctor would, in order to understand where the prospect is truly hurting. And when the prospect tells you about where she is hurting, dig deeper by saying, “Tell me more about that.”
  3. Swim move: In football, there is a technique that allows you to use an oncoming blocker’s strength against him to break past. In sales, prospects often ask questions for specific reasons. Next time your prospect asks a question, rather than jumping to answer, simply respond, “Interesting question. Why do you ask that?” This can often open a flood of new information about a prospect’s hurt.

By implementing these three simple concepts into your selling, you can begin to understand exactly where a prospect is hurting.

How do you uncover your prospect’s hurt? Please share below.

Written by Marc Wayshak, author of the book Game Plan Selling and a motivational sales speaker.

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