Marc Wayshak is a sales strategist and sales trainer in Boston, MA.

Marc Wayshak

Marc Wayshak is a sales strategist and the bestselling author of Game Plan Selling and Breaking All Barriers. He created the Game Plan Selling SystemTM, a revolutionary sales methodology, based upon his experiences as an All-American athlete, Ivy League graduate, startup entrepreneur and years of research, training and selling.

Marc’s innovative selling system works for salespeople, entrepreneurs and companies alike. He is a regular online contributor to Fast Company, Reuters, Forbes, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, the Hoover’s Bizmology blog and the Salesforce blog. Marc holds an MBA from the University of Oxford and a BA from Harvard University.

Becoming a Sales Strategist

While studying for his undergraduate degree at Harvard, Marc suddenly lost all his college savings in a stock market crash. Compelled to have to help pay for college, Marc started a small marketing company. Little did he know, he was about to embark on a journey filled with challenges. He would soon learn just how hard it was to have to sell in order to survive.

During that time, Marc made tens of thousands of cold calls per year, spoke to sell, asked for introductions and did everything else necessary to make sales. And at first he did it all the wrong way. But as he went along, he began to learn what worked and what didn’t. He also found some powerful mentors who taught him to look at sales from a completely different angle. Studying under these mentors, Marc experimented with the very sales techniques that now make up the Game Plan Selling SystemTM.

By using the right techniques, Marc created exponential growth for his marketing business, turning it into one of the fastest-growing event marketing companies in New England. The expanding client list soon included corporations such as Subway Sandwich Shops, ExxonMobil and Getty Oil. As his company grew, Marc served as captain of Harvard’s rugby team and was selected as an All-American rugby player. These experiences as a top athlete further shaped his sales philosophy, as he discovered many similarities between closing the sale and winning on the field. After selling his business at just 23 years old, Marc began teaching sales to organizations both large and small.

Today, Marc Wayshak is known as America’s Sales Strategist. He shares the powerful strategies and techniques of the Game Plan Selling SystemTM through writing, training and coaching. Marc travels the world helping organizations and entrepreneurs transform their sales.

Drawing from his books, Game Plan Selling and Breaking All Barriers, Marc teaches audiences the Game Plan Selling DSP:

  • Be Distinct…from your competition.
  • Be Systematic…and follow a game plan for every aspect of selling.
  • Have a Prospecting Playbook…and live by it.

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What Experts Say About Marc Wayshak’s Bestselling Book, Game Plan Selling

“In the old days, salespeople were in power because they had information buyers needed. Today, buyers are in charge because everything they need to research products, services, and companies is freely available on the web. New selling models are required. Are you playing by the new rules?”
-David Meerman Scott, bestselling author of The New Rules of Marketing and PR

“Marc has written a powerful, practical book that can transform your sales results and give you a real edge in today’s market.”
Brian Tracy, bestselling author of The Psychology of Selling

“If you are looking to close more sales then this book is a must-read. Marc Wayshak provides a great new perspective on and a lot of usable solutions to one of the oldest challenges in selling–closing the deal.”
Suzanne Bates, bestselling author of Speak Like a CEO

“If you want to learn how to close business deals in today’s market, this comprehensive sales guide will put you ahead of the curve.”
Dan Schawbel, recipient of Inc. Magazine’s 30 Under 30 award, Forbes contributor, and author of Me 2.0

Game Plan Selling shows us, in a very fun-to-read style, exactly how to close the sale in a time when the rules of selling have changed.”
John Chapin, author of gold medal-winning SALES ENCYCLOPEDIA

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