How to Overcome Unfamiliar Objections

ObjectionsOvercoming objections has been one of the oldest challenges in sales. “How do I overcome my prospect’s objections?”

Well, I am going to share with you a technique called the swim move, which essentially tells you not to overcome that objection at all.

For those sports fans out there, you may already be familiar with what a swim move is in the sport of football. In a football game when someone is trying to block a defensive player, the defensive player has two options.

One is that he can push back with equal or greater force than the person blocking him, or two, he could use the swim move which essentially uses the blocker’s energy against him by actually pulling the blocker into himself and moving around the blocker.

A swim move in sales is quite similar. When your prospects present objections to whatever it is that you are sharing, rather than push back with some kind of canned response to overcome that objection, you instead use a swim move.

Three Simple Components of the Swim Move for Overcoming Objections

#1. Compliment the objections. Say something along the lines of, “You know, George, I am glad you said that,” or, “That’s a great question.”

#2. Return the force. Once you have complimented the objection, then return the force. Don’t give some canned response that the objection isn’t valid. Instead, ask a question such as, “Well, George, why did you ask that question?” or, “That’s a really interesting question; why do you ask?” Understand why the prospect is asking the question.

#3. Dig deeper. And finally, once the prospect answers that question dig deeper. So once you get a response to why your prospect has asked the question, delve deeper into why he is actually wondering what he’s wondering; find out about the psychology and the importance of the question to the prospect with your response of something such as, “So tell me more about that,” or, “Help me understand why you believe that,” or, “Explain to me why that’s important to you.”

By responding to every objection with a swim move you will not only avoid the inevitable arm wrestling match of overcoming objections, but you will also get to the heart of the issue and understand a prospect on a deeper level. Have you ever used a swim move on your prospects? Share below in the comments.

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