How to Double Sales in the New Economy:
A Program for Sales Managers & Entrepreneurs

Marc’s Sales Strategy Speech Will Help Your Association Members Double Sales

The game of selling has changed completely in recent years—not only for those in the field, but also for those managing and developing organizations.

If management doesn’t provide an aggressive, balanced strategy for sales growth, then organizations will fail in today’s ultra-competitive economy.

This means that many of those at the top of the corporate ladder will find themselves thrust back into a selling role. From identifying an effective strategy to finding strong sales opportunities, company leaders must cultivate a robust selling environment to increase sales in a meaningful way.

Not surprisingly, this can prove to be a challenge. In particular, sales managers and entrepreneurs often struggle will the following sales issues:

  • Lack of an effective long-term strategy for sales growth
  • Failure to reach decision-makers
  • Loss of business to low-cost competitors
  • Sales cycles drag on for too long, often ending in no sale
  • Too much time spent on prospects that turn out to be unqualified
  • Sales pipelines fluctuate dramatically
  • Not enough time to produce and sell products
  • Failure to find strong leads on a regular basis

These common challenges face large corporations and entrepreneurial organizations alike.

Fortunately, as Marc shares in his program How to Double Sales in the New Economy, dramatically increasing sales does not require dramatically changing strategy—it simply requires improving the current strategy in just the right way.

The key is to diversify the sales strategy to account for today’s fast-paced, dynamic selling environment. A few small tweaks to existing sales efforts can lead to a totally different selling outcome for the sales team—and the organization as a whole.

In this transformational strategy program, participants will learn:

  • How to apply Marc’s 2X FormulaTM
  • How to separate their organizations from the sea of competitors
  • How to use—and teach—a simple system to close sales more quickly and more often
  • How to create a culture where prospecting becomes the most critical part of selling

Past program participants have reported that their organizations have:

  • Implemented strategies to exponentially increase sales
  • Increased their average sale’s transaction size
  • Sold more frequently to current clients
  • Dramatically increased the number of introductions they receive
  • Learned a systematic process for achieving targeted sales goals

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