DNA of a Championship Sales Team: A Program for Sales Managers

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Developing a championship sales team used to be relatively simple. As long as you kept your salespeople motivated and well-paid, you were good to go. But in today’s highly dynamic market, companies must now develop a formal process to create a highly effective sales team.

Unfortunately, organizations with entrepreneurial roots often suffer from a haphazard approach to building sales teams. If your company has dealt with any of the following issues, you’re in danger of falling into that same trap of disorganized sales management:

  • Unclear sales strategy leading to confusion among the sales team on how to increase sales
  • Hiring too many B and C players who simply lack the motivation to succeed
  • Salespeople shy away from approaching high-level decision-makers
  • Each salesperson sells using his or her own methodology, leading to very mixed results
  • Sales prospecting output is far lower than it should be—which means weak sales pipelines
  • Salespeople are too quick to drop prices in order to win deals
  • Sales cycles drag on for much longer than necessary, often ending in deal stagnation
  • Salespeople are uncomfortable asking for referrals in order to win business

If you or your association membership relate to any of the issues above, then the DNA of a Championship Sales Team program will be a great fit at your next meeting.

As Marc discusses in this groundbreaking sales management program, every successful organization must have a diversified sales strategy, an ongoing hiring process, a consistent selling system, a prospecting playbook and clear accountability metrics. In this content-packed sales management program, participants will learn how to:

  • Apply Marc’s 2X FormulaTM to their organization in order to double sales
  • Attract, hire and motivate A-level salespeople
  • Close sales more quickly and with greater frequency—and teach others to do the same
  • Increase the prospecting output of their existing sales teams
  • Develop key accountability metrics to ensure the success of their sales teams

Past sales management program attendees have reported that their sales teams immediately:

  • Close more sales than ever before
  • Increase their average sale’s transaction size
  • Sell more frequently to current clients
  • Develop a specific strategy to achieve sales goals

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