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Clients and Audiences Rave About Sales Conference Speaker, Marc Wayshak

“The excitement and energy created in the room was electrifying! We needed someone to come in and help our salespeople get to the next level…This truly was an A+ program….”
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Patrick Hardy, Director of Sales at Marriott International


“It was absolutely phenomenal! I highly
recommend him. It was one of the best sales strategy meetings I’ve ever been a part of.”

Brian Harper, Executive VP at Rouse Properties (NYSE: RSE)


“We have had many great speakers in the past including, just a few years back, Brian Tracy. However, your program was at the top of the list for our group….”
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Lynne Carr, General Manager at Spring Manufacturer’s Institute


“He really motivated our group to think about overcoming barriers. A fantastic session, and we’ve got a very energized group for the remainder of our meeting!”

Vice President and General Manager for a Major Pharma Firm


“The program was very interactive and, most importantly, our members were able to take away some very actionable ideas that they can apply into their organizations. Your “Game Plan Selling DSP” was exactly what our membership needs to hear….”
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Zane Clark, Director of Education at the Specialty Equipment Marketing Association


“Not only was he on-spot with what the message was, but he was so clear and direct with audience and engaged…We’re thrilled and we’d highly recommend him.”

Kathleen Gilmartin, President and CEO of Interim Healthcare


“In our industry, so much is changing right now. The competition is fierce, customer needs are evolving and the skills an agent must have to be successful are different from 10 years ago. Your program showed the group how to sell a solution, rather than sell a transaction. You really tied up a bunch of the topics we covered throughout our two days….”
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Michael Gavin, Senior VP of Sales at Merchant Warehouse


“Marc’s information is extremely practical and has a different twist on the information that I’ve heard over 25 years. The advice information and approach is really practical, fresh and new.”

Denise Clancey, CEO of Teledirect Partners


“Many HBS alums, including myself, believe that sales should be a cornerstone of an MBA education, yet it is rarely ever covered in the curriculum. Your program and content was highly attended and well received because it is a critical part of success in business…” Read Entire Sales Conference Speaker Review

Renee Fry, President of the Harvard Business School Association of Boston


“It was an amazing experience for our staff. I have not seen them this excited and motivated at all this season.”

Katherine Eastwick-Haskell from Smithsonian Student Travels


“Your program was what we needed! Not only did we have a lot of fun, but you challenged us to refocus on our goals and push the envelope. I know that we came away with a renewed vision of what we can accomplish…”
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Debbie Heaton, Denver Branch Manager at Cherry Creek Mortgage Company

Marc’s primary goal in any client relationship is to create lasting change. By developing an ideal sales strategy that maximize current strengths and mitigates weaknesses, clients see unparalleled results. As you can see, you will be in good company.

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