There was a time when great sales organizations were built upon lists of cold leads and a team of go-getters. Not so anymore.

Today’s market–—in every industry–—is far more complex.

The hardscrabble approach that often led to sales success in the past no longer works when it comes to developing a championship sales team. Creating a world-class sales organization today requires following a systematic process, which each member of the sales team must master. Through training and consulting, Marc helps clients develop those processes—and establish a framework of accountability that makes them effective.

Marc serves as a trusted advisor to help organizations develop the strategy to create massive sales growth

Marc’s clients run the gamut from small startups to large corporations. Despite a broad range of size, many of these organizations come to him for the same reasons. Here are their most common sales challenges:

  • There aren’t enough A players on the sales team
  • Salespeople call low-level buyers with minimal success
  • A different sales technique is being used by each salesperson
  • The efforts of the sales team are undercut by low-cost competitors
  • Salespeople are achieving inconsistent results from their efforts

If you relate to any of the above issues, please schedule a phone call with Marc today. During the call you can review your sales concerns in more depth, and discuss your sales objectives.

Objectives that Marc commonly helps clients achieve include:

  • Developing a systematic process for closing sales
  • Creating prospecting consistency to increase the output of the sales team
  • Establishing a clear sales management strategy to support the sales team
  • Rolling out a hiring process that attracts only A players
  • Refining existing sales processes to accelerate sales growth
  • Developing specific sales activity metrics for each salesperson
  • Improving pipeline planning and reporting for the sales team
  • Implementing sales management systems to lay foundation for a larger sales team

In achieving these objectives, Marc aims to bring clients a 10X return on their investment, at the minimum.

The goal of all Marc’s projects is to make the least amount of change in an organization to achieve the maximum possible outcome. The central philosophy behind Marc’s Game Plan Selling SystemTM is that small improvements in just the right places can lead to a massive shift in results.

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