The Single Best Way to Get In Front of Qualified Prospects

Get In Front of Qualified Prospects

The most successful salespeople spend most of their time in front of qualified prospects. This is more easily said than done. However, there is one prospecting technique that will consistently outperform all other prospecting activities combined. Learn not only what that prospecting activity is, but also how to implement it in your daily selling.

Learn to Sell in This Market or Die by Sales Conference Speaker

Learn to Sell in This Market or Die-motivational sales speaker

In the US alone, over 500,000 new startups emerge every year. Of that, 50% are likely fail within the first year. And within the first five years, another 56% are expected to fail. The recent recession in the US had a devastating effect on businesses. Within a two-year period between 2008 and 2010, 170,000 businesses […]

Be Interested, Not Interesting

Be interested, not interesting, Article by a college speaker

This weekend, I presented as a college speaker at the National Orientation Director’s Association (NODA) Northeast conference on leadership, and the theme of my talk that really resonated was: as a leader, “be interested, not interesting.” When we think about great leaders, we tend to think of great orators. But that is not really leadership […]