Keynote Sales Speaker


7 Traits to Look for in a Great Keynote Sales Speaker Finding a great keynote sales speaker is truly a difficult task for organizations looking to achieve the extraordinary. For those hoping to have a fantastic meeting, there are seven critical traits to look for in a great keynote sales speaker: Delivers Cutting-edge Content: There […]

Never Ever Discount Again!

never ever discount again-motivational sales speaker

Oh the dreaded discount. I cannot tell you the number of sales people that tell me how they MUST discount in order to make sales. “If I don’t offer a discount, they will run to the competition.” This kind of thinking is not only incorrect, it’s also costing your organization thousands, if not millions, in […]

What’s Your Selling System?

what is your selling system-motivational sales system

Did Tiger Woods teach himself how to golf? Of course not. He received lessons from the experts at a very young age and developed a perfect swing. However, if you go to a typical country club, you will meet many self-taught golfers. These people often play with huge deficiencies in their swing (usually compensating for […]

How to Diffuse an Angry Client

how to diffuse an angry client-motivational sales speaker

“You screwed up.” Those are three words that we all hate to hear from a client. But, it is inevitably going to happen. The question is, how will you handle it? Often, an angry client is an amazing opportunity to look like a hero. Here are three ways to diffuse and angry client: Never Defend […]

My Favorite Question to Ask a Prospect

my favorite question to ask a prospect-motivational sales speaker

As a sales keynote speaker, I often ask audiences, “What keeps you up at night when it comes to sales?” So often, sales people are losing sales because they never get to the heart of the challenge that the prospect is facing. Most sales interactions involve only a very surface-level conversation about how and where […]