You Spend Too Much Time Researching Prospects

Researching Prospects

When done properly, prospect research can be the difference between closing a sale or not. However, so often, salespeople let prospect research become the distraction that prevents them from ever picking up the phone soon enough. Learn three simple tips for doing just the right amount of prospect research.

Three Time Management Strategies of Top Performing Salespeople

time management for sales people

Top performing salespeople are better at managing their time than their competition. Since time is the most scarce resource available to salespeople, learning how to effectively manage one’s time is the difference between success and failure. Learn these three time management tips of top performers.

Are Distractions Hurting Your Sales Numbers?

Are Distractions Hurting Your Sales Numbers?-motivational sales speaker

Have you ever finished an exhausting nine-hour day at work only to feel that you haven’t really accomplished anything that will help you make more money? You are not alone. According to Dr. Gloria Mark, we are interrupted with a minor distraction—something that takes our focus away for just a minute—every three minutes. However, even […]