The Secret of Sales Motivation: What Gets Measured Gets Done in Sales

what gets measured gets done in sales-motivational sales speaker

It’s the 27th day of the month—only three workdays left in the quarter and you are under quota. Now you’re scrambling to close those few opportunities in your pipeline just to get that pending bonus. But your prospects instantly smell blood in the water and ask for another 10% discount in order to close tomorrow…

Ever been there? Every sales person has been there at one time or another, but the top sales people know exactly how to avoid this. It’s not about sales motivation or being positive or even improving closing techniques.
It is about measuring prospecting activities all the time.

As a sales motivational speaker, I always share a line from a mentor of mine who would say, “What gets measured gets done.”

This means rather than spending all of your time as a sales person worrying about closing the next sale, just get the prospecting activities done to fill up your prospecting pipeline. Do you know how many prospecting calls you need to make each day? How about the number of introductions you need to ask for? What about client calls?

Every great sales person knows exactly what she must do on a daily and weekly basis in order to hit her goals. This takes all of the guesswork out of selling and ensures that the prospect pipeline is always full.

When sales people have full pipelines, they hit their numbers (and if they aren’t hitting their numbers, then they need some sales training or my book, Game Plan Selling). The best way to ensure that they fill their pipeline is to keep track of those prospecting activities.

So rather than freak out at the end of the month, spend the earlier part of that month getting those prospecting activities done.

How do you (or your team) measure your prospecting output? Please share below.

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