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We all know that there are different types of salespeople out there. But in my work with literally thousands of salespeople throughout my career, I’ve discovered four key types.

That’s why I created this sales quiz to help salespeople discover exactly where they stand.

Each type of salesperson has its own strengths and weaknesses in selling that can easily be uncovered with this sales quiz.

However, there’s one type of salesperson in particular that outperforms all of the others out there.

This is the category that sales superstars fall into.

Do you know which category you’re in?

Don’t worry—with this sales quiz, you’re about to learn exactly what type of salesperson you are.

I’ve put together this article, and the video below, to show you the four types of salespeople out there. And at the end of the sales quiz, I also share tips for exactly how each one can improve.

So no matter where you stand on this sales quiz today, there’s always room for improvement tomorrow.

Check it out:

How The Sales Quiz Works

How The Sales Quiz Works

Discover what type of salesperson you are today—so you can improve tomorrow.

When I first set out to create this sales quiz, I knew it was going to help a lot of salespeople figure out their strengths and weaknesses.

But I also wanted to make sure I created a sales quiz that gave them the right guidance and expert sales advice to improve based on where they stand today.

This sales quiz works by assessing each test-taker on a very specific range of selling behaviors I’ve observed over the years.

Depending on the salesperson’s answers to the questions in this sales quiz, we’re able to determine where that person falls within 4 key categories of salespeople.

This is all possible by measuring two main criteria: 1. How strategic is that salesperson? and 2. How pioneering is that salesperson?

Imagine you’re looking at a whiteboard with a simple x-and-y axis chart. On one axis of the chart, you have the word “strategic,” and at the other, “pioneering.”

If someone taking this sales quiz is highly strategic, then we’re going to put a mark way up high on the “strategic” axis.

If they’re not strategic, then that mark goes way down low.

On the other axis, we have “pioneering.” If the salesperson taking this sales quiz is really going out there every day and pioneering effective sales strategies, then we’re going to place a mark way over on the high end of that axis.

If they’re not, then we place the mark on the low end. Those salespeople are staying in and not pioneering much of anything in sales.

Within this simple x-and-y matrix, there are 4 different categories of salespeople that I see all the time.

To help you understand exactly what you can learn about your selling approach through this sales quiz, I'm going to walk you through each type right now.

#1: The Relationship Builder

Sales Quiz- The Relationship Builder

Relationship builders are great at relationships, but they don't pioneer.

The first sales quiz result that we'll focus on is the Relationship Builder. This is the most common sales type out there.

It’s also the type of salesperson that’s been most idolized over the years. Because of this, many salespeople actively try to become Relationship Builders.

So, according to this sales quiz, who is a Relationship Builder? Simply put, it’s the type of salesperson who is strategic about building great relationships with prospects and customers.

However, these salespeople are lacking when it comes to pioneering. While Relationship Builders have a lot of strong relationships in sales, and they’ve earned the trust of their prospects and clients, they’re not going out there every day to find new, creative ways to sell.

In fact, Relationship Builders tend to spend most of their time nurturing current clients and going after low-hanging fruit, where they feel comfortable creating connections.

They’re not going out and identifying brand new customers, going after high-level prospects, or really stretching themselves from a selling perspective.

Because of that, Relationship Builders are vulnerable.

Does this sound like you? Take the sales quiz to find out, and at the end, you’ll get customized tips on how to improve.

#2. The Hunter

Sales Quiz- The Hunter

Hunters are big on pioneering, but low on strategy.

The next sales quiz result that we'll look at is the Hunter. I always hear a lot of business owners saying, “We want more Hunters in our business. We need more Hunters on our sales team.”

But the problem with Hunters is that, while they're doing a lot of prospecting due to their pioneering nature, they tend not to be very strategic.

As a result, they're doing a lot of prospecting, but they're not asking for crucial introductions to high-level prospects. They’re not going after those biggest opportunities that will truly make them superstars.

Instead, they focus on hunting down lots of smaller sales that might be easier to close, but ultimately yield lower results.

At the end of the day, Hunters tend to burn out—and most of them don’t stay in sales for that long.

Take the sales quiz to find out if you’re a Hunter, and, if so, how you can improve your sales approach.

#3. The Farmer

Sales Quiz- The Farmer

Farmers are salespeople who probably shouldn't be in sales in the first place.

The next sales quiz category is the Farmer. Farmers are salesperson who are ultimately going to go broke, because they’re neither strategic nor pioneering.

Farmers stay in their office all day. They're not doing what they need to be doing in terms of sales behaviors, so they’re definitely not pioneering.

And they're also not strategic.

Instead, they just “farm” their existing sales clients, and don’t do anything to get more clients, build new relationships, or change their lot in any way.

Of course, you never want to be in the Farmer category.

If you see yourself as a Farmer after taking this sales quiz, chances are it’s time to move on to a new career.

#4: The Strategist

Sales Quiz- The Strategist

Strategists are the true sales superstars.

Last but certainly not least, we have the Strategist.

If you’re a Relationship Builder or a Hunter right now, you can become a Strategist with some simple but powerful changes to your selling approach.

Strategists are both strategic and pioneering in sales. We all want to be in the Strategist category.

The Strategist is a salesperson who thinks through every selling situation strategically, knows how to leverage their existing contacts, and develops strong relationships with customers.

Strategists also actively pursue high-level introductions to new prospects, while consistently doing the prospecting activities that they need to do in order to close sales.

Moving forward, make it your goal to be a Strategist. Take the sales quiz now to find out how you can get there.

Conclusion: How This Sales Quiz Can Help You

Conclusion_ How This Sales Quiz Can Help You

This sales quiz can help you transform your selling approach.

As we’ve learned from this article, this sales quiz lays out the four most common types of salespeople, so you can find out exactly where you stand today.

Then, at the very end of the sales quiz—once your quiz results have been calculated—you’ll get customized advice for how to improve your selling techniques.

When I first set out to create a sales quiz, this is exactly what I hoped to bring to salespeople everywhere.

In my work with thousands of salespeople over the years, I’ve met so many Relationship Builders, Hunters, and Farmers who all have great potential to be Strategists—they just have to be shown the way.

Those Relationship Builders are by far the most common. They represent the popularized notion of the charismatic, beloved salesperson who has amazing relationships with clients.

But at the end of the day, as this sales quiz shows, those Relationship Builders typically lack any sense of pioneering in sales.

They’re strategic about building relationships, yes—but not about how to innovate, grow, and succeed in sales.

Then we have the Hunters out there. As we’ve discussed, Hunters are in high demand at most businesses. But while these salespeople are notoriously good at seeking out new prospects and pioneering new prospecting activities, they simply aren’t strategic.

As a result, Hunters typically fail to close sales with really big businesses and get stuck with lots of smaller deals instead.

Other salespeople who take this sales quiz might find out that they’re Farmers. If so, they might want to think about switching careers.

Why? Because Farmers are neither strategic nor pioneering. They lack in both key areas of selling, and that makes it incredibly hard for them to be successful in sales.

And finally, there’s the Strategists.

This is the category of salespeople that we all want to be in. By taking this sales quiz, you’re taking the first step to getting there: to a place where you’re both highly strategic and highly pioneering in sales.

So, there you have it. That’s what this sales quiz is all about, and how it can help you transform your sales.

Now, it’s time to take the sales quiz.

After you take this sales quiz, comment below to let me know what you learned about yourself. What type of salesperson are you? And what steps will you be taking to improve so you can get to the Strategist category? Be sure to share below in the comment section, and I’ll respond to every single comment that I possibly can.

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